As more Queenslanders grow older and more overweight every year, hospital waiting times and health budgets continue to escalate. In 2011, health cost Queensland $11 billion and unless our lifestyles change for the better that is projected to treble by 2033.
Overweight and obesity are endemic, making us susceptible to life-shortening but largely preventable chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, some cancers and heart failure.

Non-government health organisations such as Diabetes Queensland, Cancer Council Queensland, the Heart Foundation and Nutrition Australia Qld believe investing in prevention is essential to turning the tide – a view supported by the Courier-Mail’s health forum last year.

What’s the new Queensland Government’s appetite for preventive health? You can ask Queensland’s new Health Minister Lawrence Springborg at the Health Media Club’s inaugural event at Premiers Hall in July.

What: What’s the appetite for preventive health in Queensland?
When: July 12, 2012.12.30pm – 2pm.
Where: Premier’s Hall, Parliamentary Annexe, Alice Street, Brisbane
Who: The Honourable Lawrence Springborg MP, Health Minister
Jane Milburn, Diabetes Queensland.  0408 787 964 or

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