About the club

Health Media Club vision

A Health Media Club to strengthen the conversation and reporting about health and wellbeing.

Health Media Club background

Human health matters – it plays a pivotal role in the lives of individuals, businesses, governments and communities. An opportunity has been identified to create a dynamic health media network which can foster a stronger preventive health culture.

Prevention now beats intervention later. Health is often covered in a political context – reactively focusing on waiting lists, ambulance delays, staffing and bureaucratic troubles – which tends to overshadow the preventive health agenda that could keep people out of hospitals and reduce demand for health intervention.

Diabetes Queensland is leading the Queensland NGO Swap It program, which brings together Cancer Council Queensland, the Heart Foundation and Nutrition Australia Qld – and works with various other agencies with an interest in preventive health.

As part of the Queensland NGO Swap It program, a new all-media Health and Wellness category has been secured in the state’s prestigious journalism competition, the Clarion Awards, for 2012-2014.

This alliance of peak health agencies and related groups with an interest in preventive health is now in a position to be a key driver in the establishment of a Health Media Club.

The club will be a legacy of the NGO Swap It program and enable the collaborative preventive health agenda to continue beyond the program’s current, two-year lifespan.

Media clubs already exist in the wide-ranging spheres from politics through business to rural, wine and food. The Health Media Club space remains poised to be filled and could provide a platform to steer the health debate to a forward-looking, proactive and positive position.

The specific aims of the Health Media Club are to:
• Strengthen links between health journalists, health communicators and others in the sector.
• Raise awareness about preventive health and how obesity increases chronic disease risk.
• Foster regular networking for media professionals in the health sector.

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